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This Weeks Resolution :

The Office is overrated.

The Office: The NBC adaption of the BBC series of the same name that ran from 2005-2013

Overrated: Occupying a space of greater acclaim and representation in popular culture than is warranted by its artistic merit.

We strive to improve our members' skills in debate and oration by carefully choosing stimulating debate resolutions for each meeting.

We workshop definitions for our debates so that every speaker, member or guest, can be on the same page to facilitate a productive,
well-rounded discourse no matter how intense, sensitive, or research-based the topic. Additionally, we hold impromptu, extemporaneous debates after we return from our 45 minute recess.

Special thanks to the PR Committee and Phi Kappa's Graphic Designers for all of the time and dedication that they spend on Phi Kappa's debate flyers.

Thank you to Sister Rebecca pearson for designing our current posters!