The University of Georgia's House of Controversy.

Excellence in Debate and Oration since 1820


The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate organization founded in 1820 at University of Georgia. We meet once per week during the academic year to practice oratory, debate, and creative writing. Our members strive to develop the necessary skills to present their views in an articulate and logical fashion while discerning the strengths and weakness of other positions. Through time spent in our Hall, we sharpen the public speaking skills vital to success in the professional world. As members, we forge bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.



Explore the history of the Phi Kappa Literary Society, the members of the Society, and how you can become a member of one of UGA's oldest student organizations.

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debates and events

Learn more about the upcoming and previous debates and events hosted by the Phi Kappa Literary Society of the University of Georgia.

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Thursdays at 7pm in Phi Kappa Hall on UGA's North Campus. 
Located across the street from the downtown Jittery Joe's Location