The Phi Kappa Literary Society meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm in Phi Kappa Hall.

Since 1820, the Phi Kappa Literary Society has been the House of Controversy on the University of Georgia's campus. 


Our Mission

Dedicated to excellence in debate and oration, the Society is an illustrious home for self-improvement. The Society strives to improve its members in public speaking skills, academics, critical thinking, and friendship. Phi Kappa is a home for debate, but it also acts as a sanctuary for a siblinghood that lasts a lifetime.

We, the members of the Phi Kappa Literary Society of the University of Georgia, prompted by the objective of improving ourselves and actuated by a desire to perpetuate the Society’s rich heritage and to preserve the time-honored practices and traditions of our illustrious predecessors, do adopt the following Constitution.
— Preamble to the Phi Kappa Literary Society's Constitution

Notable Alumni


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