SPEAker's Key recipients

the Phi Kappa Speaker's key is the highest honor bestowed upon a member of our illustrious society based on
their service to the Society.

Brother Jayson Edward Akridge, Brother Thomas Peter Allen III, Sister Kati Jo Baugh, Sister Pamela Christina Brannon, Sister Danielle Brudi, Brother Jason Todd Burnette, Brother Jason D. Cobb, Brother David Allison Crabtree, Brother Franklin Neil Gerson, Brother Casey Barrett Hall, Sister Kristi Lea Harris, Sister Stephanie Suzan Hendricks, Brother Russell Gray Hicks, Brother Robert Hugh Hodges, Brother John Michael Hope, Brother Kenneth Hosley, Brother Aaron Jollay,Sister Joy Johnson, Sister Stacey Laurel Kaston, Sister Lauren Kelly, Brother Timothy Kyle King, Brother David Kipling Knox, Sister Patricia Margaret Larson, Brother Sean Libby, Brother Adam Lilly, Brother Robert Dean Lurie, Sister Jennifer Laird Martin, Sister Sarah Mazzaferro, Sister Sarah E. McAfee, Sister Erin McClanahan, Sister Robin McGill, Brother John Broadhurst Miller, Brother Jeffery O'Neal Monroe, Sister Joy Marie Mullane, Brother Charles Douglas Muse, Sister Therese K. Mushock, Brother R. Dean Nava, Jr., Brother Matthew Jason Nee, Brother Michael Oberg, Brother John Robert Parker, Jr., Brother Bryan Matthew Pritchett, Brother David A. Ragsdale, Brother Travis Bradley Rice, Brother Jeffery Joel Rogers, Sister Rachel D. Rogers, Brother Leslie E. Satterfield, Sister Elizabeth Louise Schuchs, Brother Craig Robert Senn, Sister Lauren Elizabeth Sillery, Brother Stephen James Simko III, Sister Jennifer Pilon Smith, Brother John W. Spears, Sister Margaret Sullivan, Sister Alana Marie Sustrich, Sister Jeanette Thurber, Sister Camille Marie Tribble, Brother Anthony E. Waller, Sister Michelle Watkins, Brother Jeffery Clayton Wells, Brother Patrick George John Wheaton, Sister Jennifer Whitaker, Brother Marc Joseph William White, Brother Russell David Willard, Sister Rachel Winne, Brother Christopher Worley, Brother Peter M. Zeliff II, Sister Amelia Kohli, Sister Kristin Henry, Brother Robert Hawk, Bro. Michael Will, Brother Chip Robeson, Bro. Andrew Paradis, Brother Cameron Secord, Brother Whit Carmon, Brother Siavash Samei, Brother Jonathan Pride, Brother Cullen Timmons, Brother Daniel Wright, Sister Tessa Baker, Sister Terry Bardagjy, Sister Kristin Foxworth, Sister Kayla Sullivan, Sister Jessica Melear, Brother Mark Wheeler, Brother Matthew Tyler, Brother Phil Grant, Brother Richard Banton, Brother Andrew Plaskowsky, Sister Melina Lewis, Sister Kristin Henry, Sister Katherine La Mantia, Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, Sister Victoria Wright, Sister Jess Brown, Brother Kevin Jones

HENRy W. Grady

the award presented to the best speaker of the society

2009 Bro. Daniel Wright, 2010 Bro. Doug Gladden, 2011 Sis. Kristin Foxworth, 2012 Bro. Walker Smith, 2013 Brother Matthew Tyler, 2014 Brother Richard Banton, 2015 Brother Richard Banton, 2016 Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, Brother Roger Grantham, 2017 Brother Phillip Grant, 2018 Glenn Jacoby



The award presented to an alumnus or alumna for their service to the Phi Kappa Society and its membership

Fall 2015 Brother Chip Robeson, Spring 2016 Sister Rachel Worley, Brother Chris Worley, Fall 2016 Sister Katherine La Mantia, Spring 2017 Brother Richard Banton, Fall 2017 Sister Melina Lewis, Spring of 2018 Brother Bryce Jaeck, Fall of 2018 N/A,


The Larson-Gerson Award

The award presented to a semester's exemplar officer

Fall Quarter 1996 Sister Pamela C. Brannon and Brother Bryan M. Pritchett, Winter Quarter 1997 Brother T. Kyle King, Spring Quarter 1997 Brother Jason T. Burnette and Brother Frank R. Harrison III (honorary), Fall Quarter 1997 Brother Jayson E. Akridge, Winter Quarter 1998 Sister Camille M. Tribble, Spring Quarter 1998 Brother Jayson E. Akridge, Fall Semester 1998 Sister Jennifer L. Martin, Spring Semester 1999 Brother R. Dean Nava, Jr., Fall Semester 1999 Brother David A. Ragsdale, Spring Semester 2000 Sister Lindsay Cropley, Fall Semester 2000 Sister Stephanie Roman, Spring Semester 2001 Sister Therese K. Mushock, Fall Semester 2001 Brother John W. Spears, Spring Semester 2002 Brother John B. Miller, Fall Semester 2002 Sister Brittany A. Johnson, Spring Semester 2003 Brother Kenneth Hosley and Sister Erin McClanahan, Fall Semester 2003 Sister Katie Bulger, Spring Semester 2004 Brother Adam Ware, Fall Semester 2004 Brother Sean Libby and Sister Sarah Shrum, Spring Semester 2005 Brother Robert Hawk and Brother Chris Worley, Fall Semester 2005 Sister Joy Johnson and Sister Sarah Shrum, Spring Semester 2006 Sister Danielle Brudi, Fall Semester 2006 Sister Rachel Winne, Spring Semester 2007 Sister Rachel Winne and Sister Lauren Sillery, Fall 2007 Brother Siavash Samei and Sister Amanda Mazzaferro, Spring 2008 Brother Robert Hawk, Fall 2008 Sister Terry Bardagjy, Spring 2009 Brother Cullen Timmons, Spring 2010 Sister Terry Bardagjy and Sister Noelle Shuck, Fall 2010 Sister Kristin Foxworth, Spring 2011 Brother Whit Carmon and Sister Kayla Sullivan, Fall 2011 Sister Jessica Melear, Spring 2012 Sister Kristin Henry, Fall 2012 Brother Dominic Giordano, Spring 2013 Brother Matthew Tyler and Brother Benjamin Woodard, Fall 2013 Sister Abie Smith and Hon. Bro. Dr. Gary Bertsch, Spring 2014 Brother Phil Grant, Fall 2014 Brother Richard Banton, Spring 2015 Brother Richard Banton, Fall 2015 Brother Roger Grantham, Spring 2016 Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, Fall 2016 Sister Glenn Jacoby, Spring 2017 Sister Liz Woodard, Fall 2017 Sister Jess Brown, Spring 2018 Brother Kevin Jones



Voted on by the Society, The T. Kyle King Award Winner best encompasses the Phi Kappa Value of Siblinghood

1998 Sister Jennifer L. Martin, 1999 Brother Jason T. Burnette, 2000 Brother David A. Ragsdale, 2001 Sister Kati Jo Baugh and Brother R. Dean Nava, Jr., 2002 Brother John B. Miller, 2003 Brother Kenneth Hosley, 2004 Brother Michael Oberg, 2005 Sister Erin McClanahan, 2006 Brother Robert Hodges, 2007 Brother Adam Lilly, 2011 Sister Kayla Sullivan, 2013 Brother Benjamin Woodard, 2014 Brother Phil Grant, 2015 Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, 2016 Brother Ben Walker, 2017 Sister Glenn Jacoby, 2018 Sister Jess Brown


Voted on by the Society, the Anniversarian encompasses all that it means to be a Phi Kappan and presents an oration about the Society at the ANniversary Meeting

1993 Brother Casey B. Hall, 1994 Brother David K. Knox, 1995 Brother Pete McCommons, 1996 Brother T. Kyle King, 1997 Brother Jayson E. Akridge, 1998 Brother J.R. Parker, 1999 Sister Kati Jo Baugh, 2000 Brother Matthew J. Nee, 2001 Brother David A. Ragsdale, 2002 Sister Betty J. Thurber, 2003 Sister Robin McGill, 2004 Sister Therese K. Mushock, 2005 Brother Sean Libby, 2006 Sister Rachel Rogers, 2007 Brother Robert Hodges, 2010 Brother Doug Gladden, 2011 Sister Terry Bardagjy (?), 2012 Sister Jessica Melear, 2013 Brother Ben Woodard, 2014 Brother Matthew Tyler, 2015 Brother Phil Grant, 2016 Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, 2017 Sister Glenn Jacoby, 2018 Sister Jess Brown



A speaking competition that is to be a member's best speech of the year, the Stephens' Declamation annual competition asks members to prepare a speech on their choice of a few selected topics. The winner is voted on by the Society. 

1993 Brother Jason D. Cobb and Brother Leslie Satterfield, 1994 Brother Peter M. Zeliff II, 1995 Sister Patricia M. Larson,1996 Brother T. Kyle King, 1997 Brother J.R. Parker, 1998 Brother Jason T. Burnette, 1999 Brother Stephen Simko, 2000 Sister Katherine T. Burgess, 2001 Sister Kati Jo Baugh and Brother Caleb R. Williamson, 2002 Brother John W. Spears, 2003 Sister Therese K.  Mushock, 2004 Brother Adam Ware, 2005 Brother Sean Libby, 2006 Sister Rachel Rogers, 2007 Brother Robert Ellis Cary, 2008 Brother Chip Robeson, 2009 Bro. Cullen Timmons, 2010 Bro. Daniel Wright, 2011 Bro. Ben Woodard, 2012 Bro. Joey Summer, 2013 Brother Matthew Tyler, 2014 Sister Katherine La Mantia, 2015 Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, 2016 Sister Jessie Pagan, 2017 Brother Stephen Moore, 2018 Brother Cameron Dunn