How does Phi Kappa work?

meeting procedure

  • Are there speaking requirements for members? Because Phi Kappa exists for the development of speaking skills, after acceptance, all active members must speak at least once every three meetings in addition to maintaining good attendance and paying dues. Failure to meet these requirements can result in the suspension of a member's voting privileges.

  • What procedure do we follow in the meetings? We follow Robert's Rules of Order in all of our meetings.

  • How is a resolution introduced and debated? The first speaker introduces the topic for discussion in the form of a resolution followed by a 7 minute speech.The following speakers (including guests if they choose), have 5 minutes to speak.


  • What is that thing that you stand behind when you speak? The speaker's stand is called a "lectern," not a "podium."

  • Isn't there a rival society? There is. The name of any other literary society at the University of Georgia shall not be uttered in the hall. They may be referred to as “the rivals” or the “society across the way.”

  • How do you ask a question? To ask a question, a person stands and states "Mister/Madam President." Upon recognition by the President, the person then states "Question for the Speaker." If the speaker yields then the person can ask his or her question. Questions are in order 2 minutes after each speaker begins their speech. Questions go back out of order when the speaker has 30 seconds left. All questions must gain permission of the speaker to be asked.

  • Should guests speak? Guest are highly encouraged to speak at the meetings; however, they are not required to do so.

  • When can you enter and exit the Upper Chamber? Members and guests are allowed to enter and exit during meetings but only between speakers.

  • Is there a dress code? There is a dress code for members of business casual attire and membership badges. Guests, especially Petitioners, are encouraged to abide by the dress code as well.


how do i become a member?

  • What are the membership requirements?

    • Be a student currently enrolled in any school of the University of Georgia

    • Announce oneself as a petitioning guest during the recognition of guests for five consecutive meetings

    • Complete the membership test

    • At the fifth meeting, deliver a petitioning speech before the Society

    • Be accepted by a vote of the Society

  • Should a petitioner speak? Prospective members are highly encouraged, though not required, to speak in either the debate or creative orations before becoming a member so that they may more accurately discern whether Phi Kappa provides a good fit. Immediately following the petitioning speech, the Society deliberates and decides whether the petitioning guest should become a member based upon the petitioner’s shown ability and desire to improve as a public speaker.

  • How does a petitioner know what to do? Each petitioner is assigned a sponsor in their second week of petitioning. This sponsor will guide the petitioner though the petitioning process. In addition, the Judicial Council may be queried with questions about petitioning or petitioning member.