Members of the Phi Kappa Literary Society are devoted to self-improvement through our practices of debate and oratory, the improvement of the Society, and the life-long sibling hood that began in 1820.

Current Officers

President Sister Halle Brooke Hammond, English, Spanish, and French
First Assistant Zach Garrison, Public Relations
Second Assistant Sister Victoria Wright, Environmental Economics and Management
Chief Justice Sister Glenn Jacoby, English and History
Associate Justices  Liz Woodard, Forestry, Brother Seong Kim, Management Information Studies
Clerk Sister Sarah Anne Owens, Communication Sciences
Clavinger Brother Stephen Moore, Philosophy
Historian Sister Jess Pagan, Religion
Treasurer Sister Soundarya Kanthimathinathan, Psychology
Alumni Secretary Sister Jess Pagan, Religion 
Webmaster Sister Miranda Hermes, Math and Math Education
Censor Brother Phil Grant, Ph.D Candidate, Education Policy

Active Members

Brother Seong Kim, Management Information Studies
Sister Jess Brown, History and Women Studies
Brother Kevin Jones, Public Relations
Brother Austin Hattori, Classics
Sister Sara McCracken, English
Brother Ben Jones
Sister Jenny Gallucci
Brother Bradley Rowan, English

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Current Members

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